a little about our company

TravelBlender started as a way for like people (close in age, at the same point in life, etc.) to share experiences in a more natural setting - doing things they would enjoy anyways - rather than awkward one-time dinners or events. It came from the founders feeling like it was tough to meet people for friendship after natural bonding experiences like school had ended, and as friends began to be scattered all over the country. It's also a great alternative to traveling solo, and to tell the travel industry what kinds of trips you'd like to see, rather than the other way around. We hope to soon make it a way to plan trips with your friends and family without a frustrating string of back-and-forth via emails and texts.

Collects Cities

I started this company because I wanted a way to meet cool people my age in a way that didn't seem forced - like traveling together. And while some people spend their vacations climbing mountains and some seeing incredible wildlife, I spend mine searching for amazing desserts across the country. I love to visit Chicago and Seattle, but there's a cheesecake in Savannah that I'll remember until the day I die.


Frequent Flyer

I am a veteran data professional. With nearly 15 years of experience designing, building and maintaining systems that deal with massive amounts of data, I enjoy the problem-solving that comes with trying to make sense of it all. I've been to 40 U.S. states, D.C., 3 Canadian provinces, and the Philippines. Next on my list: Costa Rica, Australia, Japan, and the UK... as long as I can catch my beloved Dayton Flyers on TV!