France is one the world's most popular tourist destinations. Its cities contain some of the greatest treasures in Europe, its countryside is prosperous and well-tended and it boasts dozens of major tourist attractions, like Paris, the French Riviera, the Atlantic beaches, the winter sport resorts of the French Alps, the castles of the Loire Valley, Brittany and Normandy. The country is renowned for its gastronomy (particularly wines and cheeses), history, culture and fashion.

Paris, the "City of Light", is of course world famous for its landmarks - the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, the Palace of Versailles - just to name a few, its beautiful parks and gardens, and the famous banks of the River Seine. There's also the rich culture with numerous galleries and museums - including the unmatched grandeur of the Musee du Louvre - culinary experiences, and designer shopping opportunities (did we mention it's also called the Capital of Fashion?).

But there's more to France than its capital city. The ancient city of Lyon is France's third largest city and the center of French gastronomy. Along the coast in the French Riviera, one can enjoy the bustling atmosphere of resort towns, or discover small towns famous for glass-blowing or perfumeries. Sandy beaches, beautiful bays, rocky cliffs and lovely towns has made the Cote d'Azur one of the main yachting and cruising areas in the world. And you haven't seen France if you haven't had at least a taste of its amazing countryside, dotted with wonderful medieval villages and castles. The country's landscapes vary from the snow-covered peaks of the Alps and the Pyrenees with their many winter sports resorts to lush river valleys, dense forests and huge stretches of farmland and vineyards. Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe, is attractive for climbing, hiking and skiing. Provence is famous for its lavender fields, rose wines, and the stunning Verdon Gorge. France is a country to be explored from every angle.

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